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Prayers to the God and Goddess for daily requests.  Empowerment prayers, Chants and thanksgiving information is contained within these pages.  If you have a great prayer or chant you would like to submit to Celtic Callings, Click Here.  All copyright and credit information will be observed on this website.

A Chant to Free Your Spirit

  • I am the four winds,

  • I breath and am by their presence, 

  • I am the elements and their family,

  • They are my kin.

  • I am the freedom of the wind,

  • I am the agility of the fire,

  • I have the humor of electricity,

  • My love of nature from the earth,

  • My ignorance the darkness,

  • My truth I tell the light, My attitude...the ice.

  • Of these things I will always be,

  • Blessed Be

  • I am light , I am energy
  • I am the beginning , I am the end
  • I am life , I am death
  • I am without time , I am eternal

Love and light the 13th light 

  • Dear God, Mother Goddess, Spirit Guides, and the Guardian Angels who
    grace each and everyone's presence. Please Bless, and keep watch over
    all of my friends, family...and everyone else in this world. Retain them
    from trauma...fatality...and every other sort of evil that resides in this world.
    We shall all remain happy in the wonderful, eternal paradise of The Other
    Side...when our Celestial Souls leave this world. Amen.

Prayer Written and Provided by Mike

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