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Ancient Potions    

uthor Unknown

For Prophecies:   Fumes made of linseed, fleabane seeds, roots of violets and parsley doth make
you to foresee things to come and doth conduce to prophesying

For Youth:  Make a powder of the flowers of elder, gathered on Midsummer’s Day, being before well dried, and use a spoonful thereof in a good draught of borage-water, morning and evening, first and last, for the space of a month; and it will make you seem young for a great while.

For Invisibility
On Midsummer’s Eve gather some fern seed between eleven and noon. Whenever you carry it, you will be invisible. But you must take care not to lose any of it; else you will not regain your proper shape.

Ancient Symbolo Find Out a Thief:  To discover who they are that have stolen from you and make them confess: take quicksilver and the white of an egg. Mingle them together and make an eye upon the wall with it. Then gather together all whom you suspect, and tell them to gaze upon the eye. His or her eye that stole from you will water.

To Improve the Appearance:  If you wish to make hair grow on your head, anoint it with milk and honey and fennel seed. Do this twice a day.

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