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Goddess Aspect: Mother
Astrological Rulers: Venus, Moon
Keys: Love Principle, Fertility, Gabriel (turns force into form)
Rules: Emotions, love, sorrow, courage, astral planes, clairvoyance, tides, oceans, pools, streams, wells, womb Melancholic; Feeling; strong, excitatory
Virtues: Compassion, tranquility, tenderness, forgiveness, modesty, fluidity in creativity, receptivity, influence
Vices: Self-indulgence, negligence, cowardice, indifference, instability, moodiness, infatuation, easily put upon, delusions
Season: Autumn
Time of Day: Sunset
Direction: West
Wind: Zephyrus
Colour: Blue
Symbols: Willow, dolphin, fish, water snakes, sea birds, myrrh, ferns, rushes
Tool: Cup
Spirits: Undines under Neksa (elusive at first, flowing & difficult to understand, watch politely and learn)

The Four Elements

Deep body dryness, hotness, mind & body feel separated, no empathy


Goddess Aspect: Temptress
Astrological Rulers: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Keys: Light Principle, Action, Michael (victor over ignorance)
Rules: Force, energy, spirit, heat, mental plane, blood, sap, life, will, surgery, destruction, purification, hearth fires, volcanoes, explosions, Choleric; Intuitive; lively
Virtues: Courageous, self-assertive, chivalrous, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, virile
Vices: Self-centred, ruthless, fanaticism, vindictiveness, anger, hatred
Season: Midsummer
Time of Day: Noon
Direction: South
Wind: Notus
Colour: Red
Symbols: Fire opal, almond (in flower), garlic, hibiscus, pepper, olibanum
Tools: Scourge, sword, athame
Spirits: Salamanders under Djinn (elusive & hostile, teach power over fire & energy)
Shortage: Body heavy or chilled, thoughts drag-gy, unenthusiastic
Excess: Hot, hyper, flitting thoughts, insomnia, anger, snappishness


Goddess Aspect: Crone
Astrological Rulers: Venus, Saturn
Keys: Law Principle, Solidity, Auriel ("Lord of Awe")
Rules: Birth & death, body, growth, nature, stones & metals, material things, caves, chasms, silence, graves, fields, Sanguine; Sensation; calm, imperturbable
Virtues: Strength, endurance, commitment, responsibility, thoroughness, practicality, wisdom, patience, sense of timing
Vices: Dullness, lack of conscience, melancholy, boredom, inertia, stagnation, hoarding of resources (including information)
Season: Yule
Time of Day: Midnight
Direction: North
Wind: Boreas
Colour: Green
Symbols: Oak, rock crystal, salt, bull or cow, stag, grains, comfrey, ivy
Tools: Pentacle, altar stone (body of Anima Mundi)
Spirits: Gnomes under Gob (friendly & easy to reach, teach access to own depths & caverns & how to mine & work the vein of gold therein)
Shortage: Spaciness, hyper-activity, instability
Excess: Body heaviness, general lack of energy, inertia, etc.


Goddess Aspect: Maiden
Astrological Rulers: Jupiter, Mercury
Keys: Life Principle, Intellect, Raphael (instructor, traveller, healer)
Rules: Mind, essential qualities, spiritual plane, knowledge, abstract learning, theories, windy or high places, breath, speech, Phlegmatic; Thinking; weak inhibitory
Virtues: Gregarious, diligent, optimistic, dexterity, joie-de-vivre, persuasive, friendly, healthy, knowledgeable
Vices: Frivolity, boasting, absent mindedness, rootless, easily distracted, loquacious, tends to intellectualize emotions (rather than experience them)
Season: Spring
Time of Day: Sunrise
Direction: East
Wind: Eurus
Colour: Yellow
Symbols: Topaz, galbanum, aspen, frankincense, vervain, birds, eagle & hawk
Tools: Wand, censer (arrow stabs air & conveys message Outer to Inner)
Spirits: Sylphs under Paralda (very hard to see & know, teach mind control and how to level out your thinking processes)
Shortage: Mind blank, shortness of breath, non-comprehension of known data
Excess: "Gas bloat", inability to focus attention, "spacey" thoughts

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