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  • Mother Maiden Crone Chalice

    • $40.00US

    • Adding to the rich symbolism of the sacred chalice, this wonderful ritual tool has been carefully sculpted with interwoven, Celtic designs and accented with green jewels and painted, green foliage, all of which play out as a wonderful back drop for the three faces of the Goddess carved into the chalice`s outer cup; these faces, the Maiden, Mother and Crone represent the three phases of the Goddess, and the three stages of growth for all things in nature, making it a powerful addition to your rituals, spells, and ceremonies. Measuring approximately 7 1/2" in height and 3 3/4" in diameter, it features a wonderful, removable metal cup that makes cleaning a breeze and helps keep its contents from ruining the styling that makes it so powerfully symbolic. 


Dragon Goblet  
  • Dragon Goblet

    • $25.00US

    • Finally, a drinking vessel worthy of the "Lord of the Castle"! An imposing roaring dragon forms a majestic base for a clear glass globe; this medieval-style goblet looks as impressive in your hand as it does at the head of the table! Polyresin and glass. Polyresin. 3" x 8" x " high.


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  • Fantasy Dragon Chalice

    • $30.00US

    • Set the mood for your rituals, spells and ceremonies with this chalice, which has been sculpted to display the majestic head of a dragon in a fashion befitting medieval fantasy and rich imagination. 

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  • Unicorn Chalice

    • $45.00US

    • Capturing the majesty and regal bearing of this creature of myth and legend, this chalice has been sculpted to proudly display the head and mane of a bearded Unicorn. Set against a backdrop of elaborately woven celtic patterns, purple jewels, and medieval gothic design, it is a wonderful decoration and tool for your ritual and spell craft. This is only enhanced by the removable cup that settles within the cold-cast resin exterior, which is made of metal to help keep your fantastic chalice from being ruined by whatever you store within, and to help make washing safe and easy.  The chalice measures approximately 7 1/2" in height and 3 3/4" in diameter.

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  • Triquetra Chalice 

    • $25.00US  

    • This is a shorter but broader silver-plated chalice with the Celtic symbol of endlessness; the Triquetra, engraved on opposing sides. approximately 6 1/4" high with gentle ribbing along the stem, and a slight curl to the lip of the cup. This is a very decorative piece for altar use or as a personal chalice. Food and drink safe.

Goddess Chalice
  • Goddess Chalice 

    • $25.00US  

    • This simple, silver plated chalice has a triple moon engraved on opposing sides. approximately 6 1/4" tall, with ribbing down half the length of the stem. This chalice is perfect for home altar use, or even just decoration. Food and drink safe, it can also be used for any beverage you choose.

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  • Celtic Ornate Triquetra Chalice 

    • $67.00US   

    • This large, ornate chalice has been exquisitely sculpted of silver-plated brass in a manner that is perfect for use in your ceremonial magic. Starting at a wide, solid base that lends a considerable heft to its feel, it sweeps inward from a diameter of approximately 4 1/2", tapering upwards in a slight slope to the 3/4" diameter stem. The sweeping sides of this base have been textured in a manner that is comfortable against the bottom of your hand when you grip the stem, and otherwise feature the intricate pattern of the Celtic triquetra - a complex knot within a circle, without beginning or end that forms three points. Smooth an unadorned for most of its length, the 3" tall stem features a ribbed design at both its base and top, with a wide disk-shaped addition punctuating its climb, 3/4 of the way to the top. This forms a comfortable grip, resting against the top of your index finger and thumb as you hold the cup and otherwise makes the whole chalice all the more eye-catching.



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