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  • The 7 Day Wishing Candle  

    • $26.95US  

    • You still must consecrate your candle. Spell candles work best when user involved. Anoint with a simple drop of oil that matches your purpose. You do not need to use a great deal of oil. Using too much can make a fire. Please burn carefully and on a safe surface at all times. Take time to think deeply on your purpose before lighting. There is potency of magic in each candle label worked throughout the artwork, However in order for the magic to be complete, the user of the candle Must be attached Personally to the candle magic. When you make it yours the magic works for You!  Choose from Money, Love or Protection.

  • Candles
    • $.50US each
    • Choose you own colors and quantity, 1/2" Solid Color Candles Unscented. Colors: red, yellow, green, blue purple, white, black, or brown.
    Choose Color
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  • Mother, Maiden, Crone Tealight Holder 
    • $25.00US 
    • Depicting the three faces of the Goddess, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, this tealight holder can also be used as a pillar candle holder.
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  • Soapstone Candleholder 
    • $18.00US 
    • Allowing you to candles of various sizes, ranging from taper candles to tealights and pillars, this soapstone candle holder captures the beauty of stone for your altar space.
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  • Magic Pillar Candles
    • $20.00US
    • Pillar candles complete with Fairy Dust Pendant.  Choose type:  New Beginnings, Wealth, Magic, Love, Healing
  • Choose
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  • Werewolf Candleholder  
    • $25.00US 
    • Capturing the old legends of magic and cusses, the candleholder displays a ferocious werewolf, howling over the glow of the tealight candle by his feet.



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