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May be used as a wall hanging, bedspread, table cloth, beach or picnic throw, curtains, or made into clothing or capes.

Most tapestries are Twin size: 72 x 108, 100% Cotton Handloom (looser weave, gauzy texture, thicker feel) unless otherwise mentioned.

Triquetra with Celtic Knots
  • Triquetra with Celtic Knots  Clearance item 50% off

    • $20.00US

    • 100% Cotton. 72" x 108".

Tree of Life Tapestry
  • Tree of Life Tapestry
    • $35.00US
    • 100% Cotton. Colorfast, pre shrunk, machine washable. 80 x 100 - Twin Bed Size. The myths of the Celts are contained within this image. Divine and Sacred to all Ancient cultures, we honor the Tree as giver of Life - its branches calling down the rain, its roots communicating through earthen network. Available in Green. Image Copyright Open Circles.
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Greenman Tapestry
  • Greenman Tapestry
    • $35.00US
    • 100% Cotton. Colorfast, pre shrunk, machine washable. Protector of the Green World, Keeper of the Cycle of Rebirth. Available in Green only. Image Copyright Open Circles.
FTCPSTG.JPG (30603 bytes)
  • Triple Goddess Tapestry
    • $40.00US
    • Marvelously woven of heavy, 100% cotton, this tapestry presents the central design of the silver pentacle symbol of the Triple Goddess. With a fringe around its borders, this symbol is set upon a black background and surrounded with an intricate pattern of Golden Celtic Knotwork at its borders. Hanging 72" by 90" it makes for a fantastic bed spread or decorative addition to your wall or ceiling.


RAAC1.JPG (30667 bytes)
  • Greenman Altar Cloth
    • $40.00US
    • On this cloth, which can be worn as a scarf or used to decorate your altar, you will find the image of the Green Man. In Europe he is portrayed as the male counterpart to the Mother Goddess. In this, he is the guardian of all green, growing things and a very ancient symbol of renewal, fertility and rebirth. This cloth is 3` long and 3` wide, and created with Rayon Batik.


RAAC3.JPG (22145 bytes)
  • Celtic Moon Altar Cloth
    • $40.00US
    • Captured upon this 3` by 3` square of cloth, that is perfect as a scarf or as an altar cloth, is the elegant design of a pentacle and the crescent moon. The pentacle is a symbol with many layers of meaning, including the perfection of the manifestation of the human form and the four elements, with Spirit, which rules over them all. The crescent moon represents receptivity, or acceptance, tolerance and understanding. Exquisitely crafted of Rayon Batik, this is an elegant ornament, whatever you choose to use it for.


Moon-Phase-tapestry.jpg (42720 bytes)
  •  Moon Phases Tapestry
    • $30.00US
    • The Moon Phase tapestry offers a beautiful blend of ancient Celtic imagery alongside a representation of the cycle of the moon in a manner that is elegant within its simplistic beauty. Woven of 100% cotton, it focuses its center upon the image of a Celtic spiral, which flows inward to its center. Around this, however, are the representations of the moon`s phases, showing the Waxing, Waning, Full, and New phases of the moon. All of this is brilliantly accented by the border of an intricate weave of Celtic knot work. Hang it in your sacred space in celebration of the Lunar goddess or as a symbol of the magic and mystery of the moon. This is a 72" by 108", 100% cotton tapestry, perfectly suited to decorate your home.


WTYYW.jpg (38673 bytes)
  • Ying Yang Tapestry
    • $30.00US
    • Made of 100% cotton, this wall tapestry portrays an intricate pattern of Yin Yang, surrounding a large, central star-burst pattern with a central Yin Yang created so as to seem the center of a stylized sun. Colored completely within the traditional black and white of a Yin Yang, it is a powerful representation of the duality and balance of all things in harmony. The tapestry measures approximately 72" by 108", which makes it great as a bed spread, altar decoration or a cozy throw blanket for anyone who can enjoy its symbolic message of harmony and coexistence.



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